About Us

LeadBreeze is a contact center focused on lead and conversion management. Armed with a team of sophisticated bilingual and bicultural agents, it is a scalable engine that filters through leads, keep prospects engaged, and moves them along your conversion funnels to desired paths and outcomes.

The underlying proprietary CRM and communications software for managing leads and conversions was developed from scratch to receive and track inbound communications (calls, texts, social media messages, and emails) from a variety of campaign types.

Besides allowing you to acquire insights on your potential consumer, our system also provides detailed metrics with regards to media spend ROI at multiple conversion levels, down to the specific source, such as media partner, campaign, ad set, or ad – in real-time. This allows us to optimize results and shift tactics on a dime.

In addition, LeadBreeze is infinitely flexible and can be molded to the needs of any project that requires consumer contact and ongoing tracking of results and outcomes. 

Call Center Capabilities

• Lead Management, Follow-up, Screening, Routing, and Nurturing all the way through set conversion goals

• Live call transfers, appointment setting, providing information, “concierge service” to simplify potentially complicated tasks, or answering questions from detailed FAQs

• Outbound Capabilities for Post-Conversion follow-up steps, Quality Assurance, Surveys, Lead Mining, Referrals and Offering Additional Products & Services

• Bilingual staff communicates with potential clients via phone, text, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, and email to establish trust and move further down lead and conversion funnels

• Flexibility to connect to virtually any CRM or system that offers an API, and we can develop custom solutions for the ones that don’t


116 S. Catalina Ave, Suite 106, Redondo Beach, CA 90277



Operating hours

Monday – Friday
7:00 AM to 10:00 PM

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